Did I mention the fact that I love slideshows? Probably I did that, but I also hate them, as long as they don’t have pause and zoom features. This time, it’s all about a slideshow/image gallery script that has pause, as well as the ability to display a thumbnails gallery of all images available. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come for free, and it doesn’t have that zoom feature… but at least you can win a license worth 25EUR, if you’re lucky! ;)
WebDev3000 didn’t reach that “givewaway stage,” but we’re working on it. Until that day comes, I think that telling you about the Monoslideshow giveaway currently running on Web Resources Depot can’t hurt… and since you also got that piece of info, let’s take a quick look at this Flash slideshow component, shall we?

With features like professional transitions, Ken Burns effect, and a fully resizeable slideshow window, Monoslideshow is available as an API for both Javscript and Actionscript 3, requiring Flash Player 9 or higher, a text editor, a FTP client, as well as a Website to host it, of course! ;)

Other than the above… I think you should definitely give this piece of code a try, and nothing more.

Compatibility: any major browser, as long as Flash Player is installed and working (just to be sure, you can check the demo)